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The Adam McCloud Foundation is committed to sharing Adam's spirit, laughter, and joy.

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Donate Life

We are passionate about the life savings gift of organ donation. More than 123,000 people are on the waiting list for organ donation. Adam was a donor and saved the lives of 5 people including a 6 year old girl. This list is filled with real people and real families who are praying for a miracle.

Christmas Spirit

Adam had a love of Christmas and giving that was truly epic. There are approximately 13 million children living in poverty in the United States. While we can’t change the lives all of those children, we strive to spread joy to as many children and families as we can in our local community.

Organ Donation is Rare

National Donors List
Organ Donation List (MN, ND, SD)
2015 Donors (MN, ND, SD)
Adam McCloud

Our Inspiration

Adam McCloud grew up in Stillwater, MN where he was nicknamed Clouds. There were few people he met that didn’t quickly become a friend. He was a passionate guy who was a fiercely loyal friend and completely dedicated to his family. He loved the celebration of Christmas and act of giving just the right gift. He was thoughtful and sweet, tall and gregarious.  He was full of life with a smile that lit up a room and a laugh that was contagious.

In October 2012, Adam died after suffering an assault in downtown Stillwater, MN. Dozens of family and friends kept vigil by his bed from the time he arrived in the hospital to the day we said goodbye. We prayed for healing and a miracle. We didn’t get our miracle, but Adam’s final gifts to this world were to become a miracle for 5  people. He left this world too young, but left a hero.

LifeSource joined us in the hospital in our most difficult days. Their team held our hand as we took a terrible tragedy and showed us how to give this most precious gift.

Adam's Gifts


His giant kidney was given to a sweet little 6 year old girl who had been hospitalized and on dialysis for 2 years.


His giant, loving heart was given to a 19 year-old man who now has is entire life to look forward to.


His lungs breathed new life into a 62 year old man.


His pancreas was given to a 38 year old man.


His liver was given to a 59 year old man because everyone needs a good filter organ.