Organ Donation

Adam Gives Life

In October 2012, Adam died after suffering an assault in downtown Stillwater, MN. Dozens of family and friends kept vigil by his bed from the time he arrived in the hospital to the day we said goodbye. We prayed for healing and a miracle. We didn’t get our miracle, but Adam’s final gifts to this world were to become a miracle for 5  people. He left this world too young, but left a hero.

LifeSource joined us in the hospital in our most difficult days. Their team held our hand as we took a terrible tragedy and showed us how to give this most precious gift.


His giant, loving heart was given to a 19 year-old man who now has is entire life to look forward to.


His lungs breathed new life into a 62 year old man.


His pancreas was given to a 38 year old man.


His liver was given to a 59 year old man because everyone needs a good filter organ.


His giant kidney was given to a sweet little 6 year old girl who had been hospitalized and on dialysis for 2 years.
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